Metallic Mondayz is an initiative we hope will help decrease our carbon emissions and save residents of the City of Peterborough money at the same time.

When City of Peterborough residents think about Monday as the day of the week to dispose of metal items, we can pick them up at reduced rates and help the environment simultaneously.

How does this help the environment? While we donate as much as we can, not all items are in good enough condition to re-use. As a result, we find ourselves visiting the metal scrap yard several times per week for single drop offs. We believe if we can reduce those trips by grouping metal pick-ups, we will reduce our carbon footprint and everyone wins.

Typical metal pick-ups include fridges, stoves, freezers, washers and dryers. Other metal items qualify.

Let us all think about Monday as the day to dispose of metal items and make a difference. Let us all try to be greener every day.

Call LOADZ Junk Removal & Demolition today at 705-930-5623 to find out more about Metallic Mondayz and book a pick-up.