Molly’s Memoirs

Introduction at 14 weeks

Hello everyone! My name is Molly and I am a female Standard Poodle. This is my splog (Standard Poodle speak for blog). Before I get started I want to say:

Little sweetheart

Dixie: RIP our little sweetheart

This splog is dedicated to Dixie the Vizsla who lost her life way too young to blastomycosis. She was smart, active, loving and beautiful. She deserved to live a long happy life. Dixie is sorely missed by my new family and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her.

My splog hopes to capture my journey from puppy to adulthood in a way that an average dog owner will understand. My parents and I will offer care, training tips, and advice that many ordinary dog owners can relate to and hopefully find useful. Hiccups and issues will inevitably occur and I will share those as well. All of the information provided will be from personal experience and is not intended to replace professional advice.

Molly: My 2nd day at home

Molly: My 2nd day at home

Travelling Home and Meeting My New Family

My mum picked me up from the breeder on my 14th week birthday. I was the last of my littermates to find a new home. Like my mum says: “the best things in life are always saved for last.” Hahaha, just like dessert!

Anyway, she visited the breeder and their facilities, was impressed, and fell in love with me because I am so special. As in especially cute. My baby hair is extremely soft and fluffy. With my shaved face and feet mum thought I looked a bit like a baby gorilla. Not sure whether that was a compliment or not but baby gorillas are awesome!  I came up and kissed her and wasn’t overly boisterous either. I know how to win human hearts.

The ride home was pretty good. I chose to be really quiet so mum was surprised to find that I had thrown up a little bit in the crate by the time we arrived home. No biggy, just not used to being in a car.

We arrived “home” around 5pm.  I was so chillaxed my parents and human brothers thought I was more like a stuffed animal than a dog. I behaved the same way for most of the next day.

My new parents found out, after watching my puppy assessment video, that I have a low prey drive. This suits my family just fine as they think I will be less likely to chase a squirrel across the street. We’ll see about that…

Do a lot of research before picking up a new dog (or any pet for that matter). Ensure the breed or type of dog suits your lifestyle and decide whether you will get us from a breeder, rescue or other source. Once you have made the decision to take home one of us forever friends get your living space ready. One idea is to crawl around on your knees (much like people do when they have human babies). We pups explore our world with our mouths so everything within reach is fair game. Some of the things my parents have done when they’ve brought home a new dog are:

  • installed baby gates (to keep us safe and restrict our movements)
  • acquired a crate
  • purchased puppy training pads
  • rolled up area rugs (great chewing material and also a good place to toilet)
  • put furniture in front of electrical outlets and power cords
  • cleared off coffee tables and other surfaces within reach
  • purchased a rubber chew toy or Nylabone
  • purchased a 4 to 6 foot leash
  • asked the previous custodian what food I eat and bought a small quantity of it (you may decide to change brands or style)*
  • set down water & food bowls

*My breeder sent me home with a 9 meal supply of Big Country Raw so my new family did not have to worry about acquiring food for me in advance.


Me and my crate. It is conveniently located in the kitchen close to the back door.

Molly’s Follies – stuff not to do before you get your puppy home:

  • buy too many toys in advance (wait until you know what we like)
  • buy a collar (best to get the correct size)
  • buy a mat or bed (use old towels in the beginning and save $$$)

Molly’s Musts – for pick-up day when travelling by car:

  • crate (especially if no other people can travel with you)
  • towel (lay in crate)
  • puppy training pads (place over towel in crate)
  • water & food & bowl (for longer journeys)
  • nylon leash (in case you have to pull over)
  • poop bags (you know…)
  • small garbage bag (for soiled items)
  • sanitary wipes (in case your human hands get dirty)
  • roll of paper towel (general clean-up)

Stayed tuned; I cannot wait for you to read about my 15th and 16th weeks.